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Wonderboom Airport Developments

"A mile of road leads somewhere but a mile of runway leads everywhere"

The City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality has identified the Wonderboom Airport as one of the Municipality's most important strategic assets. The city is now completing a comprehensive development programme aimed at maximising the value of this asset to the capital city of South Africa. The development programme comprises the following:

Reinstatement of international status

The airport's runway underwent major renovations over a period of ten weeks, following the Municipality's repossession of the airport in July 2003. The upgrading of the runway is seen as the first step in a comprehensive upgrading plan for the airport and forms part of the drive by the Municipality to restore the airport to its international status.

Gauteng is Southern Africa's economic and air transport hub. Twenty percent of Gauteng's exports, imports and economic activity take place in and from Tshwane. That's the main reason the province needs a third international airport here. (The other two airports are the Johannesburg International Airport and Lanseria.)

A third international airport will not only alleviate the traffic pressure at the existing international airports, but will stimulate investment, economic growth and job creation. Previously marginalised areas will benefit, and the City of Tshwane will be connected with its trading partners. The Wonderboom Airport could also serve as a deviation airport when weather conditions at Lanseria and to a limited extent, Johannesburg International Airport are unfavourable or when runway limitations arise there.

Economic impact analysis

New business development as a result of an international Wonderboom Airport is expected to increase annual production in Tshwane by between R0,55 billion and R1,3 billion per annum. This will stimulate job creation, which in turn will increase household income, especially in the disadvantaged northern municipal region. Up to 750 new job opportunities at the airport and between 4 500 and 11 000 new jobs would be created in the region, thereby helping to alleviate poverty in the capital city. Between 20 500 and 49 000 residents are expected to benefit directly and indirectly.
Management model

The Municipality sees the airport being run as a separate legal entity - a public-private partnership in the form of a company with the Municipality holding majority shares. There will be a board of directors with the chief executive officer as the accounting officer. The CEO will report to the Council of the Municipality on the airport's performance on a biannual basis, and strict financial and management protocols should be applied.

Environmental assessment

The Wonderboom Airport will comply with the pending environmental legislation, most importantly the new noise and EIA regulations. The impact of larger aircraft, increased air traffic and noise will be mitigated by possibly rezoning land and extending the runway to the west instead of the east.

Access to the airport from the Platinum Highway means improved access and traffic flow, particularly during peak periods. The existing signage could be relocated to the Platinum Highway to redirect traffic to this improved access point.

The social impact of an international Wonderboom Airport includes the effect of regional economic upliftment and job creation on the community and improved access to international air travel. The effect of the noise associated with increased air and road traffic also needs to be taken into account.

Infrastructure development

Extensive care is being taken to upgrade and maintain the water supply, stormwater drainage and sewage system at the airport, as well as its internal roads and parking areas. Overall infrastructure improvement is one of the airport's key development areas with a view to restoring international status.

Marketing plan

Of all the airports in Gauteng, the Wonderboom Airport is viewed as the best candidate for achieving international status. The airport does, however, need urgent upgrading and requires an updated look and feel befitting an international airport.

Research has been done to gauge the opinions of the airport's tenants and of the residents of Wonderboom regarding the upgrading of the airport. The Municipality will involve and consult them in the overall marketing of the airport.

  • Upgraded parking area and entrance
  • Improved security (CCTV cameras & automated gates)
  • Refurbished terminal building
  • Upgraded hangars
  • Upgraded internal roads
  • Airpark development
  • Upgrade water network
  • Upgrade sewer network
  • Upgrade electricity network
  • Upgrade stormwater
  • Service new sites
  • New control tower


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